In 1994 Zagrava Expo LLC  was created.  It  produced flour and supplied it to bread factories and factories which produced pasta. The head of the company was Tryndyuk Yuriy.

In 1998 20% of Ivano-Frankivsky Bread Factory shares were purchased. The rest of shares were bought from shareholders. The factory had been non-working for a long period before its purchasing.
In 1999  10% of  Lutsk  Bread Factory  OJSC “Hlib”  shares were purchased.
In 2000 shares of Bilogorsky  mill complex  were purchased.
In 2001  Zagrava Expo office moved to Kiev to have more opportunities and to expand its influence at the Ukrainian market.

26 February 2003 Hlibni Investitsii llc was created. Tryndyuk Yuriy became the President of Hlibni Investitsii llc .
In  2002  62.3 % of  Berdichevsky Bread Factory shares were purchased.
In 2003  52.43 % of Chernivetsky Bread Factory shares were purchased.
In 2003 Hlibni Investitsii leased Sevastopolsky Bread Factory.
In 2007 the company bought the non-working Factory in Novi Petrivtsy and began to build the new bread factory with the daily production of 150 tonnes of bread.

19.02.2008 Hlibni Investitsii llc  is reorganized into OJSC Hlibni Investitsii Holding Company.

The Holding Company has invested more than 500 million UAH into its bread factories. These factories occupy a significant market share in their regions, which provides the Company with a number of competitive advantages.
The sales volume at the factories has dramatically increased. The Company manufactures about 132 000 tonnes of high-quality bakery products per year. The Company`s factories are equipped with technologically advanced facilities and rank the first as to their technical equipment at the Ukrainian market.