CJSC «Berdichevsky Bread Factory»
The Bread Factory currently produces various items of bread and band confactionary products. The factory produces  44 tonnes of bread per day.

As for other bread factories of the Company, Berdichevsky Bread Factory started implementing an investment programme aimed at modernization and expantion of its production facilities.

At present, the factory has the following automated lines for production of bakery products:

- a line for production of pastries, white bread and bread made from premium grade and grade 1 flour, hourly production capacity is 650 kilograms
- a line for white bread and bread production with an hourly production capacity of 700 kilograms
- a line for fine pastries production with a daily  production capasity of 10 tonnes
- 3 lines for wheat and rye bread production

The total amount of investments is more than 4 million euros.

At the beginning of 2010 new boiler plant and steam generators were installed that allowed reduction of gas consumption in 30%.
“Berdichevsky Bread Factory” LLC fulfilled in 2011 capital repair of indoor and outdoor premises of the company. Car park for bread delivery was enlarged significantly and flour truck was purchased.