OJSC "Hlib" is the major bread and bakery products manufacturer in Lutsk and Volinsky region with the average daily output of 55 tonnes.

A new rolls and buns workshop was built in 2005. The workshop is equipped with Revent rotary ovens and a new Frich line for puff pastries production. The production capacity of the new workshop is 15 tonnes per day.

The factory also produces pasta "Makarella", with the daily output - 15 tonnes. The  Briabanti (Italy) equipment was installed in 1999. The cost of yhe line was 10 million UAH.

In 2008 a new automated line for white bread with a daily production capacity of 23 tonnes was installed. A UBE (USA) slicing-and-packing machine with an hourly production capacity of 3600 pack units was installed. The total amount of investments into the factory in 2005-2008 was over 3 million Euros.

A new line for rye-and-wheat bread was started in June, 2009. The daily production capacity is 20 tonnes. The line is equipped with a Gostol oven and a new dough-maker.

Loaf line equipped with oven PPP 2.1x50 (Czech Republic), dough-maker Diosna (Germany), divider Parta U2002 (W&Ph Holland), cooler G&F Systems (USA), with capacity of 18 tonnes per day was started up at PJSC “Hleb” in 2011.
Pasta shop of PJSC “Hleb” increased in 2011 range of pasta products through purchase and installation of new matrixes and dies.

43008, Volunsky region, 
Lutsk, Pidgaetska Str. 13-Б