CJSC "Pervyy Stolichnyy Hlebozavod" (Kiev)
In April 2012 new plant in the village Novo-Petrovtsy, Vyshgorod district, Kiev region was put into operation.
Main works were fulfilled within the shortest possible period of time due to well coordinated work of all the participants of the project. The plant is designed to the production 0f 130 tonnes of baked goods per day.
The lines are equipped with the facilities of leading companies, such as Diosna (Germany), Gostol (Slovenia), Revent (Czech Republic), F&S (USA), Krayany (Ukraine).
Confectionary shop is planned to be opened at the second stage of the investments. According to the plan of the investment development the company will be supplied by new facilities every year.
Volume of the investments made 15 million USD.
The products are brought into trade network both in fresh and in packed form. Product delivery is fulfilled due to its original bread trucks.
In August 2012 line with the capacity up to 5 tonnes per day for the production of loaf products was put into operation.
The line is fully equipped with rotary ovens of “Revent” Company (Sweden), dough makeup equipment of “Voshod” Company (Russia), final provers of “Krayany” and “Akros” Companies (Ukraine).
In 2013 has launched a new production line of baton “Nyva” and bread “Rodynnyi”.  The line capacity is 28 tonnes per day.
The line is equipped by the German, Czech and Ukrainian facilities. The cost of the line amounts to EUR 1 million. It is already the fourth line installed at a new factory.
The malt rye bread production line, "Borodinsky" type, has been entered in service.  The production capacity makes up to 6 tons per day.
The line equipment was manufactured by the "Revent" company (Sweden).
The new plant for the production of small sized ban goods has been opened. The production capacity makes up to 8 tons per day.
The line equipment was manufactured by the "Revent" company (Sweden) and "Voshod" company (Russia).
A new rye bread baking production line of “Gostol” company (Slovenia) has been launched. The cost of the line amounts to 1 million Euros.
Cutting machine of the "HARTMANN" production (Germany) worth 300 thousand Euros has been equipped. 
This bread factory is the first and the only one in Ukraine that was built in accordance with the latest plans in bread industry. With start up of this company holding “Hlebnye investitsii” plans to occupy up to 8% of bread market of Ukraine.